I am a pianist and composer living in Hamburg, in the north of Germany. Born and raised in a small town in the mountains in Switzerland I fell in love with (piano)music when I was a child. Each time my aunt was playing on the piano I was fascinated by this instrument and soon I started playing myself.

I released my first album with music for piano solo in 2014. Peaceful Places is a collection of 15 quiet and simple pieces for 88 black and white keys. It was my goal to stay simple and clear so potentially someone else could play the music themselves. Sheet music is available on my website.

Two years later, in 2016, a second album was recorded. Again only original music. It contains 14 more complex but still soft compositions that show more of my love for jazz and classical music.

Then there was a break, with two miracles entering my family life.

During the first months of Covid-19 I felt very much like writing new music again.

In the recording studio I recorded these new pieces as well as some holiday classics. The holiday EP „peaceful piano at Christmas“ was a huge success for me. The first time I had more than 3000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

And now it is time for „Bokeh Lights“. 12 original compositions for piano solo and a short improvisation at the end. Written and played by myself during Covid-19. It was an extraordinary time and the music seems like a retreat into a familiar world of sounds and melodies. Hoping for everything to turn out in a good way.