Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Tim. Music is my passion, that's why I write and play compositions for piano. Inspired by great masters of the past as Chopin, Ravel and Debussy as well as pop bands of our time like Radiohead or the Beatles I try to draw a bow between musical worlds. I am a traveller anyway and feel home in different places. Grown up in a small town in the european alps I travelled to many places and got inspired by different cultures and cities. New York City has particularly impressed me, as well as the Bretagne in France. And last but not least the beautiful city of Hamburg in the north of Germany with its huge port and its gnarled people. Here where the ships bring and get stuff and people from all over the world and there is a constant wind whistling around my ears and lifting my head, here I started to write down my music and record it. And from here the music starts its journey into the world, with the goal to reach as many open ears and happy listeners as possible.

It makes me proud and happy that you made your way here to my site. Enjoy listening to my music.


musically yours